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Toledo´s Winery


The most exclusive winery of Toledo

Tierras de Orgaz is a Toledo winery that elaborate wines of IGP Tierra de Castilla. This winery is in Manzaneque, very well served by the highway of the vineyards CM 42 or by A4 of Andalucía and close to important poblations like Mora, Sonseca, Los Yébenes or Consuegra.

Founded in 1918, at the beginning of the 21st century changes the property and start a new stage. After completely remodeling his entire building and equip it with ultimate wine technologies, face the challenge of producing great toledo wines.

A fruit with intensity of flavors.

The vineyard is located in Los Montes de Toledo, in the municipal term of Los Yebenes to 25 km from winery. This located is unique and is different of her neighbors towns: to the north the Toledo plateau; to the east La Mancha and Campo de Calatrava south.

Geology, high, weather and landscape are unique here, for that, all things born here has a exclusive features.

It’s a beautiful vineyard where live diferent species like deer or boar, with more than 400 hives, horses, the olive grove and vineyard.

The olive grove have 4000 trees of Picual variety. More tipical of Andalucia but thanks weather, floor and high have a great quality. The oil is elaborate in our field, inmediately after the olive is picked. The olive have greenish hue with golden highlights, a very smooth intense fruity flavor that makes it pleasant and different from other flavors and other oils.

The vineyard is property of Bodega de Toledo and is divided in six parcels with different variety of grapes: Chardonnay and Viognier, white grapes and Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit verdot red grapes.

During the ripening and harvest period (from end of August to middle of October) the technical personal from winery analize and tasted the grape, for to decide the best time to harvest each variety.

The beehives are made up of more than 400, and with a exceptional work, taking care of all the details with great care, they result in an exquisite totally handmade honey, 100% natural without any additive that could alter its flavor.

We’re in front of the most important Toledo winery.

Wines of Toledo Winery

All of Toledo wines elaborated by Bodegas Tierras de Orgaz, are elaborated with their own grapes and have high quality metods, counting with the IGP Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla. They found preserve the varietal aromas and typical of the vineyard, obtain concentrated, structured and balanced wines, surpriStockg wines.



150 french oak barrels


Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Chadonnay, Viognier.


120,000 bottles


Wines from  Tierra de Castilla


36 hectares


The winery is in Los Montes de Toledo, a Stockgular field located between the provinces of Toledo and Ciudad Real that have his name because the city of Toledo. The king Fernando III sold in 1246 this fields to city for obtain resources and can to go to south with his reconquist process. A unique region, different of his neigbours towns: Meseta toledana and Cuenca del Tajo, La mancha and Campo de Calatrava.


The vineyard of Bodegas Tierras de Orgaz is unique in the region, with a special weather similar to continental zones. Thanks to high of parcels and mountain special coberture, the vines have a strong weather with thermal contrasts, allowing a slowe maturation and therefore, with greater concentration and quality of the skins, providing freshness, body and rich nuances to the wine


The soils of Bodegas Tierras de Orgaz are characterized by being of a medium/strong type with different textures ranging from loam-clay-sandy, to silty, through clay-loam with neutral pH and not saline. Its surface is also covered by a thick layer of scree that acts as a temperature regulator. Below this, a field whose granulometry allows the retention of nutrients and humidity, being available to the vines in the moments of greatest need. This land, together with the water, of excellent quality and slightly acidic, used to irrigate the vineyards, meet the ideal conditions for cultivation and make Tierras de Orgaz wines of excellent quality.


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